Treska’s Porch

Not your average dinner conversation….

Our family has always had a passion for cooking and gardening.  “Freshness” for us was measured in minutes… not days, and played a large part in the launch and success of the first restaurant here (which is still going strong for more than 30 years).


Ever exploring the cutting edge of dining, we’ve been experimenting over the past few years via a series of by-invitation-only supper club events.  Inspired by experiences I’d had during retreats with my long-time meditation group, we were hot in pursuit of yet another elusive but key ingredient as far as acheiving the perfect dinner party.  Hard to put a finger on… it was a kind of social Umami that when touched upon… somehow managed to lift those events into a completely different octave of eating together.

We were right in the middle of putting the final touches on the new dining venue here–so that we could start opening these events to the public–when everything hit the fan.  It became clear that dining out could be out of the picture for awhile.

As the impact of social isolation limitations began to take its toll, we knew we had to do something.

Like any good cook does, we stared looking around at what we had to work with.  We noticed two more ingredients that had been there in the field for quite awhile:  Working with online gathering spaces, and a good half dozen group facilitators that we’d been hosting here for years.

So… what we’ve come up is kinda like fusion cooking… in that we’re mixing really good ingredients together in a fresh creative way.

We’re definitely in the early stages of this so we’re going to start inviting people into the kitchen, so to speak, for some tastings before we head out into prime time.

If you’ve found your way here, and are curious… click here for more information and an invitation.

We’ll set you a place at the table.