Simplicity on the Lake

Glamping Cabins

If your version of “camping” includes the luxury of beds with linens, electricity, and A/C, our brand new artsy cabins right on the island in our 30-acre lake are just the thing for you. While some locations may make you feel like you’re in a tree house with views of the water through the canopy, what they all share is an attention to detail and a beautiful natural setting.

Luxury Cabins

Our luxury cabins offer a few more creature comforts for those who may be looking for the perfect location for private hideaways, romantic weekends, or a place to finally get that novel written.


While many people will be coming to the Cove for a restorative retreat, workshop or a learning vacation; part of the draw for coming here will be just to experience the eclectic designs and unbounded creativity of the various workshop groups and individuals that created the cabins themselves.

Beyond the feast for the senses one will enjoy upon first arrival, the real draw will be the energy of the place and the community that arises when kindred spirits come together to deepen their connection with Self, each other and Nature.