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The Community Kitchen

The Community Kitchen

When we were kids growing up on my parent’s mini-farm, a perfect summer day was getting our chores behind us and heading out to the woods.  We’d often spend the day making stuff (a simple shelter from saplings, a rustic table from saw mill slabs or a fire circle for cooking, laid up with stone and mud).

Coming home ravenous, we’d gladly pitch in to help with supper.  From garden to table, it seldom took more than 20 minutes for my mom to prepare whatever vegetables she’d sent us out to pick, shuck or string, and to serve them up with her homemade bread, fresh goat cheese, and slices of tomato still warm from the sun.

Art of the Feast - People Potluck 520Whether it was the spontaneous joy of creating something artful with friends, the quiet of just being in nature, or the love and presence my mom brought to her cooking, what made these times magical was the degree to which we were able to give ourselves fully to the activity at hand.  In these moments, nothing is lacking, and the experience is full, complete, and nourishing.

Our approach to food here at the Community Kitchen is designed to draw folks more deeply into the joy of life, and its simple pleasures. Our gatherings are participative, so whether you come for something as simple as our “Make Your Own Pizza” family nights, the deeper conversations that arise in the 100th Table Salon series or whether you get inspired to take ideas into action in the New Moon Incubator, there’s a place at the table… if you feel so moved. (If you need a little nudge to come out and play, we can help with that too. 🙂 )