Program Provider Invitation

Creating Integrative Offerings

Program Provider Invitation

Dear Friends,

As the new summer camp-style facilities get finished up this winter, we are actively working on programs for various markets and looking to partner with key content providers from the extensive talent we have in the region.  With four market venues to promote from, there are many opportunities for teachers, artisans and folks with off-campus sites of interest for our experiential learning offerings:

  1. The new “Summer Camp for Adults” with programs in the genre of the Soul Camp folks, Camp Bonfire or Camp Grounded (adjusted for size… these venues are fairly large)
  2. An expanded schedule for the Honor’s College learning journey groups (City as Classroom) that began with University of South Florida this year.
  3. Our annual festivals (May 20-21 and Oct 14-15) with a theme that will expand from the original flavor of the True Nature Country Fair to cover a broader scope of Community Building Capacities and practical tools. (The May festival so far will be more introductory to a wide scope of community capacities, but the plan is to evolve this initiative to include a national conference on Community that would basically explore the Four Quadrants of Community), and
  4. Our new Maker’s Market (Stone Soup Saturdays)

Utilizing an integral framework, we so far have 9 “Lines of Development” as far as topic arenas for these four venues comprising the basic functional elements of creating communities that work, and look to offer them at:

  • Natural Building – Artful Shelter
  • Farm & Gardens – Permaculture
  • Culinary – Vibrant Food
  • Education – Unlearning
  • Art & Crafts
  • Music & Stage
  • Small Business Incubators
  • Collaborative Tools & Governance
  • Health & Wellness

And the opportunity via these varied venues to create offerings within those arenas in Four Levels:

  • Introductory events structured around “Fun” and social
  • “I”- Skill Building – Classes
  • “We” – Collaborative Practices
  • “All of Us” – Transformation

Which marketing-wise we could offer at a handful of key inflection points such as:

  • A teen’s first summer away from home going to summer camp
  • The Gap Year between high school and college
  • The time between graduating from college and finding a good job
  • Midlife points when we figure out the work we’ve been doing might not have been our true calling
  • Preparing for retirement, and
  • Preparing one’s legacy

So, we are looking for teachers and content providers for offerings within those arenas at various levels, both for on-site and to send groups to (when the Honor’s College groups do their day trips). One of the reasons we are so excited about the possibilities is the continuum for learning. A kid coming in for a camp skills week or the incubator might beta test a culinary or artisan offering in the Makers Market. They could then move up to the collaborative tools level, working with other “makers” to co-create events themselves, and eventually join “We Space” practices that could elevate the container of the event itself, and help them create an integral life practice that would help them in all avenues of life.

If you have an offering (product, service, class, etc.) that fits into any of these arenas and would like to partner with us, we invite you to fill out the questionnaire on this page.



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